Urban Vibes  

Problem: The Urban Outfitter's shopping experience does not resemble their bold brand core. Shoppers are relying on online purchasing instead of visiting the brand's curated stores. 

How can we connect the Urban Outfitter's customer to the brand in a new way?                                                                                              Leverage an interest the young, aspirational customer has (music) to help keep the shopping experience relevant. 

Secondary Question: Urban Outfitters makes clothes for people who want to embody individualism, experimentation and novelty, but many need help getting there. How can we also inject objectivity into a subjective fashion world? 

Who is a good partner that is creating emerging technology for the music industry?                                                                                                  We selected the new ROLI technology. Their mission is to democratize music production by making music creation easy through the use of their hyper-intuitive electronic music blocks in the physical and digital space. The technology is made up of physical blocks, the NOISE application (which can be used apart from the blocks) and a social sharing platform. We decided to use the digital application. 

We wanted to harness not only ROLI's technology, but their vision to democratize. Like music, fashion is a complicated language of expression, especially for young people. We imagined a world were selecting an outfit to put in an online shopping cart could be an expressive art of composition rather than an oppressive fear of getting it wrong.

Urban Vibes is our combination of the ROLI technology and Urban Outfitters. We want to revolutionize the act of picking an outfit by having trusted 'experts' assign sounds to articles of clothing. Each piece of clothing will have a different sound creating harmonious or disharmonious pieces when combined in the basket. This will connect Urban Outfitter's customer's to online purchasing in a bold and interesting way that mirror's the brand's core while also providing the customer with confidence in the outfit that they select.

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TEAM: Michael (Moose) Michtaew, Eddie Bennett, Blake Smoral