I volunteered as the marketing chair for a seven week campaign because I have always preferred villains to heroes. My role in creating our villain spanned from crafting a communication plan with forty-four different inputs, sawing and creating a  twenty-foot encouragement board, sneaking our team on campus wearing all black with backpacks full of chalk and encouraging UNC students to encourage kids at the UNC hospitals.

For seven weeks in the fall of 2013, my new media technology class from the School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill planned and executed - from start to finish - a creative marketing campaign to benefit a local nonprofit. With $100 and social media tools at their disposal, a campaign, “Heel Heist for The Monday Life,” was developed, and a mischievous do-gooder named Scamzees was born. Here’s his story. 

Campaign highlight reel:
#HeelFaster Book:
The Monday Life: