A Challenger 

Single pod coffee is synonymous with Keurig. Convenience dominates the conversation. Tassimo does not have a seat at the table.

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Coffee discoveries 

1. Coffee consumption is not restricted by amount, time of day or location

2. Single pod coffee is viewed as a solo experience

3. The chief complaint about Tassimo is that it is slow

4. Desire for specialty coffee is increasing



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Tassimo's new purpose

Leave Keurig to tackle convenience. Lean into the fact that Tassimo takes time to brew by challenging the role of convenience and speed in the single pod coffee category.

Purpose: Make single pod coffee an experience to savor.

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Take your Tassimo Time

Tassimo will invite sippers to treat their single pod coffee experience as a personal time to pamper and reflect

-Tassimo resting pods in crowded locations

-Tassimo wrapper creative inspiration ideas for  #Tassimotime

-A pre-set calendar plug in to alert a sipper that their #Tassimotime is near