Curved House Kids

I discovered Curved House Kids on Aboutme and it felt like I had found true love on tinder. Within a week, I interviewed, bought a ticket to Berlin and joined a team to create learning tools to help kids navigate our visual world. I took a deep dive into the impact of visual literacy in elementary education and worked with writers, art directors and artists to create resources that were presented at the International Visual Literacy Association Conference. I also planned, promoted and managed a bilingual children’s festival celebrating the connection of art and science.

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Planning a Bilingual Art+Science Festival

I never imagined I would be planning a bilingual children's festival. My team and I overtook an old bookstore and transformed it with a giant cardboard castle, music for rapping about geological rocks and water glasses with perfect pitch. The challenge was to communicate with German and English kids at once, forcing me to develop activities that were very visual and experiential such as an animal mash up, the science of sound and planets on parade. Creating this festival challenged  the way I viewed communication from predominantly verbal to the marriage of visual and verbal. .

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Deep Dive Research

I had the opportunity to study the education systems in Germany, the UK and the US to help guide the artists and writers in the creative development process. We produced educational materials that helped build Curved House Kids into an international brand. I also created a resource guide for the work that other companies were doing in the field. My work helped produce a series of new workshops and provided research and support for our IVLA presentation.