The Hot Air Balloon

My first t-shirt from the Statesville Hot Air Balloon Festival has infant booties attached. Since 1974, the festival has called my entire town to a grassy hilltop for a magical weekend in October to watch the balloons slowly inflate and fill the sky. I call my favorite balloon the patchwork. Seven different pieces are lovingly patched together to create the balloon. Separately, the pieces are not perfect or especially extraordinary, but together, they are beautiful. I've compiled seven of my patchwork pieces, below. 

My Seven Pieces

1. Mrs. Frizzle is my Doppleganger

2. I once lost my mom in Germany and found her in Switzerland 36 hours later

3. I consider cloud watching to be a certifiable hobby

4. Contra dancing is my favorite form of expression. (It's kind of like a cross between Pride and Prejudice and Woodstock). I'll take you sometime

5. Any good idea should be able to be communicated in the form of a children’s book. 

6. I dreamed of becoming a broadway actress until I played Cobweb in a outdoor production of a Midsummer Night’s dream, it rained.

7. I love making costumes and am always looking for an excuse to dress up. My favorites include: cobweb, cruella devil and the galaxy.